Did you Know that Chocolates are not the Same?

Did you Know that Chocolates are not the Same?

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Chocolate comes from the cacao fruit’s seeds. Chocolates look the same but they actually vary in their uses. Read on to understand the differences in chocolate varieties and how industries take advantage of their unique flavors.

Mass Produced Chocolate

Chocolate makers buy bulk or commodity beans like wheat or corn in the stock market. Usually, this kind of trading leaves the earnings of farmers dependent on the market forces’ strength. For instance, West African farmers who beans tend to exchange hands up more than 20 times before they reach the customer are likely to get paid less than $1.25 per day for their beans. The exchanged beans are usually of less quality. The majority of such beans are used in candy-like chocolates derived from lesser quality beans that have off-flavors. The processes involved in making this chocolate are focused on masking it with vanillin and sugar. Large-scale companies produce candy bars, cheap baking chocolates, and chocolate chips instead of pure chocolate.

Craft Chocolate

Craft chocolate usually contains just sugar and cocoa beans.  These bars are produced by chocolate makers that often practice direct trade and work with the farmers to make sure the beans are dried and fermented to their specifications. Companies that make craft chocolate that work directly with farmers also eliminate a lot of the middlemen, thus increasing farmers’ wages.

Craft chocolate is made by roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching, and tempering the beans and making bars for consumers. A number of craft chocolate makers tend to stud other ingredients which match the varietal to create inclusion bars. If you are not sure about which chocolate to purchase, read the ingredients and the story of the maker and the beans they bought.

Couverture Chocolate

Most chocolatiers and pastry chefs do not make their own chocolates but make use of high-quality couverture chocolate that they will work out with to come up with delicious treats such as brownies, cookies, and cakes. Couverture chocolate is formulated with some cocoa butter so it melts smoothly and evenly. This is the chocolate bought when baking anything like tempering chocolate for bonbons and truffles as well as making makes. Often, couverture chocolate is bought in smaller pieces or bulk block and designed to temper well. However, it may not be as transparent as some pastry chefs and chocolatiers like. If you are looking to buy chocolate in bulk, just visit lamontagnechocolate.com for a great deal.

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