Do You apply the Right Technology?

Do You apply the Right Technology?

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Does your workplace seem like a pc store? Exist Voice over internet protocol phones, computers, laptops, big screens and fancy rodents? Have you got an apple iphone along with a Blackberry? Every single day almost everything we all do now involved technology. Choosing the proper technology to complete my job is not easy. Maybe you have made the incorrect choice? Have you ever let a person video conference in whenever you were putting on a t-shirt having a less flattering emblem around the front?

Optimizing your utilization of technologies are something you both needs to handle as a person. For example I’ve found that I’ve got a terrible short-term memory therefore if I take an appointment while I am driving, there is a good chance that whatever I told somebody on the telephone is going to be forgotten or skipped. Should you call me as i am driving and get to setup a scheduled appointment next Tuesday odds are good I will not exist.

I have learned to become somewhat selective in answering calls while I am driving because of this. After I do go ahead and take call and also the caller requests something I can not do while driving, I request an e-mail follow-up and so i will not forget. This method originates from my pal R.Bob Adams. I have also learned that it’s easier to let somebody roll to voicemail and give them a call away from a location where I’m prepared to assist them to. A lot of my clients have determined whether it’s something short to transmit us a text. After they know I’ll call back, they do not mind. Don’t hide behind technology, it might be a handicap rather of the tool whenever you do.

The simple truth is when we are driving lower the street there’s hardly any are going to for somebody. Inside a best situation scenario we are able to answer an easy question. Inside a worst-situation scenario we are able to give the wrong answer because we’ve no use of data. You may schedule a scheduled appointment and end up forgetting or have other promise that you simply will not make sure to fulfill. You may earn a choice according to data you recall, that wasn’t 100% accurate whenever you remembered it, letting money visit the table. In every situation the big event result in a under optimal outcome for the customer, boss or worker.

Today it’s very simple to under utilize or higher utilize technology. Just browse around at the things you will get free of charge. By having an iPhone or Blackberry you will get e-mail, texts, voicemail, appointment schedules and photographs almost anyplace, anytime. You may also download Skype free of charge and individuals can appear on your pc anytime that they like. There’s also im that may go involving the computer as well as your mobile phone and shared calendars that anybody can easily see on the web.

When choosing we’ve got the technology you are likely to use everyday, you should know very well what you need to do. Without having an emphasis and also you try everything, you will possess a difficult time choosing the correct technology to make you happy better. If this sounds like you, I recommend studying something similar to “So, Ok Now What?” and discover your focus. Maybe you have seen someone with 2 or 3 mobile phones? Is that this really necessary? For many maybe.

If you’re a author, you most likely need some kind of voice recording tool or simple to use memo pad in your mobile phone. This method for you to record ideas because they come your way. I personally use my “tasks list” to include ideas. If you’re a sales rep, you’ll certainly need some kind of calendar and many communications methods for example e-mail, mobile phone and texting. Everybody needs to pick a technology that actually works on their behalf and become careful of overusing technology.

Since time may be the only factor we can not replace or make much more of, technology turns into a critical tool for making our time more lucrative. An appointment letting a customer know you are running 5 minutes late might save the meeting. An appointment letting the seller know you are running 5 minutes late might encourage them to stay behind and help you save a trip for their offices the following morning. Everything we all do with technologies are about not waste time. Even this information is about not waste time. This information is just one point where I’m able to express ideas, along with a anchorman where anybody can see these ideas.

Just consider the way we conveyed prior to the Internet. Basically desired to distribute a e-newsletter to our clients that meant I needed to write it, print it and mail it. I understand because we made it happen this way for more than ten years. Now I’m able to publish to my blog or website and send a hyperlink out over e-mail within seconds. The task now’s to make certain I do not overload my clients and finish up wasting of both in our time, or lead them to tune out.

Along the way out into the world now, adhere to your focus and employ all the technology open to you towards the best of the ability, without letting we’ve got the technology dominate. In the finish during the day your clients are based on you, and you’re responsible for the moment spent well, not your technology.

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