The Future of Internet Privacy: Holding on To Your Privacy Even When It Seems Impossible

The Future of Internet Privacy: Holding on To Your Privacy Even When It Seems Impossible

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There was a time when you could just knock on the door of the internet and you would be given the keys to access it forever. Today, almost every website and platform you visit want you to click the ‘Agree’ button on one statement or the other before they allow you proceed.

In a way, they got the keys to your personal life in exchange for grating you access to their services too.

While these make for better ways to use these new platforms, they also have their own flaws. If that is happening now, the future holds more surprises.

The Internet of Things is a Potential Privacy Threat

When technology advanced to the point where almost anything could be made to connect to a Wi-Fi network, the dangers for privacy might not have been considered.

Of course, these smart things will be a part of an ecosystem that allows different devices sync and communicate to one another. That will help them make decisions on their own and work towards the betterment of our loves. But then, at what cost?

Your smart fridge could be able to access your medical files and plan a food course for you based on that. It could even place an order for groceries when it sees that you have started to run low on supplies. The same goes for your shopping apps running through your browsing habits to see what you are looking for and providing suggestions that best fits your needs. Doesn’t that make sense?

Well, it does, till you realize that the applications that run these devices are also being fed with your data. The companies that made the units will have access to this data – and that might cause problems for you.

Imagine insurance companies refusing your health coverage request just because they saw something on your medical report data. Think of the prejudice that you could face from firms who have had access to your browsing data before you even walked through the front door.

Worst case scenario, think of what happens when your data falls into the wrong hands. The private info that could be put out there, the accounts that could be hijacked, financial details that could be stolen… the possibilities are endless.

What does the future hold?

What we have today is Internet of Things, and it is even still in its infancy. The technology would soon mature and start seeking out data like a bloodthirsty vampire does blood. It aims to help us, but it can be engineered to become a destructive weapon too.

It is worthy of note that technology is not stagnant, so something else is going to come up again. If we are to use these to predict the future, we can say that privacy might soon become a thing of the past.

Preparing for the future

You cannot stop IoT from bringing your private affairs online. In the same way, you cannot stop technology from wanting to intrude all aspects of your life. What you can do, though, is prepare for the future so that you are always on the safe side.

To do so, it is recommended that you use a VPN. But what is a VPN?

One of the things these kinds of software do is ensure your anonymity online. Even if someone was actively collecting data from your units, there would be no way to map that data back to you. That not only removes you from under the watchful eye, but ensures you are not subject to any sort of prejudice based on your data.

In the same way, a VPN encrypts all internet data that you send over the web. This protects you from being the target of hackers who might be sniffing around for sensitive data to hijack.

With internet privacy fast slipping away, it is not your responsibility to claim it back.

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